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Eliane Zur Werra

Lugano, Switzerland


Transitioning from a trained banking professional to exploring the realms of luxury fashion and finally embracing the real estate industry as a freelancer, my journey has been one of constant evolution. The dream of self-employment, nurtured since my twenties, found its true calling in real estate, where I could leverage my accumulated skills and knowledge. The sale of “Hotel Moosmann” in Gandria remains a hallmark of my career with RE/MAX. Closing this deal was a testament to patience and perseverance, culminating in a deeply rewarding moment when the retired owners saw their long-held dream fulfilled.

My role at RE/MAX thrives on versatility and the exhilaration of new challenges. The freedom to innovate and excel, coupled with a robust network, sets the stage for our competitive edge and collective success. Adaptability, keen listening, and understanding client needs are cornerstone skills that foster trust and define my approach. To peoplle eyeing a career in real estate, I encourage setting ambitious goals and embracing the unique paths to success. As we celebrate Women’s Day, let’s honor the achievements and the potential of women in all industries.

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