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Milla Mouhu

Vienna, Austria


Seven years ago, I embarked on my journey with RE/MAX, drawn by the allure of flexible working hours, the dynamic nature of customer service, and the diverse challenges the real estate industry offers. Following in the footsteps of my parents, who were also real estate agents, I found my calling in this profession. A highlight of my career was when our team was honored with the IMMY Quality Broker Award by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce in our first year of eligibility, affirming our commitment to quality as our hallmark.

My role at RE/MAX is special because it allows me to navigate people through significant life decisions, necessitating trustworthiness and meticulous care. Additionally, as an office operator, I cherish the opportunity to mentor new agents and impart my knowledge and experience. My organizational skills and perfectionist nature serve as invaluable assets, particularly in marketing, ensuring error-free publications and meticulously prepared property listings. My mother, an exemplary businesswoman with a successful career, stands as my role model. The advice that “The others also cook with water” resonates with me, reminding me that behind the facade of social media, sustainable success requires hard work and dedication. To people considering a career in real estate, I recommend seeking insights from successful brokers to understand the realities of this profession fully and to assess if it aligns with your strengths and ambitions, emphasizing the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive individuals for career growth.

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