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Niluefer Kas

Istanbul, Turkey


My transition from journalism to real estate was fueled by my work on ‘Leaders of Real Estate,’ where I delved into the success stories of RE/MAX Turkey’s brokers. Despite initial criticism from my journalism peers, my career shift has since been validated by my achievements and their acknowledgment of the path I’ve chosen. Over the last five years with RE/MAX, my consistent ranking in national and international standings, culminating in receiving the award for top Commercial Turnover in Europe at the European Congress in London in September 2023, epitomizes the value of disciplined effort and sustained success over temporary achievements.

What distinguishes my role at RE/MAX is my unwavering focus on understanding customer needs, immune to economic fluctuations or crises. My ability to enjoy the negotiation process and my keen interest in the country’s economic and political landscape equip me with a unique perspective that benefits my clients. Inspired by the love, passion, positive energy, and truth-seeking nature of my mother and daughter, I aim to embody these qualities in my work. The advice that champions are made beyond regular working hours guides my professional ethos. To people eyeing a career in real estate, your inherent organizational skills, problem-solving abilities, and boundless energy position you for success in this sector. The collaborative success and support among female colleagues not only enhance our individual careers but also uplift the entire industry.

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