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Roberta Buonincontri

Genoa, Italy


My career with RE/MAX Europe began in 2004, starting as an office assistant, then ascending to Broker Manager by 2007, and ultimately acquiring ownership of the company in 2014. This progression is a testament to my dedication and the supportive environment at RE/MAX. One of my proudest moments was transitioning from a secretary to a brokerage owner, ranking consistently among the top 30 agencies in Italy, and being named Broker of the Year 2021. This achievement was particularly rewarding following a challenging period when we lost five top producers, yet managed to double our turnover and consultants the following year.

Empathy is the skill I value most, adhering to the belief that success and money are by-products of passion and satisfaction in one’s work. My philosophy is mirrored in the sports world, where I admire the dedication of figures like Javier Zanetti, whose balance of talent, hard work, and perseverance I frequently cite as an example of excellence to my agents. To people contemplating a career in real estate, remember that RE/MAX offers the flexibility to manage both professional aspirations and family life. My journey has shown me the importance of quality time over quantity, supported by a partner who shares in the commitment to balance and success. This path has not only led to my achievements but also fostered independence and happiness in my family.

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