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Vera Klimesova

Plzeň, Czech Republic


Since joining RE/MAX in February 2009, my career in real estate has been a journey of finding new drives, inspiration, and the freedom I longed for. Dissatisfied with the rigidity and lack of fulfillment in my previous job, real estate offered me the chance to utilize my full potential in a flexible environment. What makes my role at RE/MAX truly special is the incredible support and visibility I receive. The reputable campaigns of RE/MAX have made my face recognizable, allowing me to benefit greatly from the trust and recognition associated with the brand.

My approach is rooted in being respectable, reliable, and empathetic—qualities I consider most valuable in connecting with clients and building lasting relationships. Remembering the advice of David Krajný on the importance of consistency and the ingenious tip of having my advertisement on my car, I’ve learned that success comes from daily dedication and visibility. To people eyeing a career in real estate, I say, “Do not be afraid to start.” The industry offers unmatched flexibility, perfect for balancing professional growth and family life, backed by RE/MAX’s excellent training and support system. Real estate is not just a career; it’s a pathway to independence and success.

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