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Fabio Impellizzeri

RE/MAX is known for its original business model and the support offered to its agents. Working with RE/MAX, I have benefited from specialized training, cutting-edge technologies and a wide professional network where I can create valuable working relationships. On a personal level, RE/MAX has given me flexibility with my time and happiness not only in […]

Elise Fringand

RE/MAX has profoundly impacted my professional and personal life, offering a transformative journey from being a teacher in France to a successful real estate agent in Luxembourg. The training, methodologies, and supportive community within RE/MAX not only taught me the intricacies of the real estate industry, but also provided a platform for personal growth and […]

Arber Hoti

At RE/MAX, we orchestrate the emotions of homebuying, from the exhilarating highs of excitement and anticipation to the tender moments of relief and joy when dreams become reality. It’s a profession woven with empathy, as you guide individuals and families through one of life’s most significant journeys, creating lasting connections and memories along the way. […]

Robert Stoieca

RE/MAX was the place where I learned and continue to learn how to be a professional agent, surpassing my own expectations of what an outstanding real estate agent can be. A good agent supports the objectives of the clients they represent, and nothing feels better than when they recommend me further. Through educational events and […]

Tarja Muikku

Throughout my career, I’ve held various customer service and sales positions, including running my own store, working for an importer, and managing a chain of stores in Finland. The dissatisfaction I felt with these jobs negatively influenced my life. But now with RE/MAX, I’m in a field that I love, doing a job that I’ve […]

Martin Rachbauer

I started a small construction company to support people in achieving their own property dreams, and after a serious accident at work, I wanted to continue this dream. That’s why I joined the RE/MAX network. It was already the market leader in Austria and offered the best training in real estate. There’s a wealth of […]

Lorraine Mulligan

RE/MAX has given me huge opportunities both professionally and personally. I’ve never felt more freedom in my career to be in business for myself and but not by myself. In my last marketing and sales role, I was frustrated to feel I had hit the “Glass Ceiling”. Now, I run two super RE/MAX offices that […]

Rogerio Costa

Before joining RE/MAX, I worked as a pastry chef, but I knew my future held something much greater. I decided to venture into the real estate industry, certain that the sky was the limit. With hard work and dedication, I’ve managed to reach every goal I set from day one and continue to set and […]

Bianka Maier

Choosing real estate was a decision driven by necessity and opportunity, offering the flexibility I needed as a single parent with two small children. This career not only accommodated my schedule but also ignited my passion for the industry. My proudest moments include setting a national record and being recognized as the best real estate […]

Eliane Zur Werra

Transitioning from a trained banking professional to exploring the realms of luxury fashion and finally embracing the real estate industry as a freelancer, my journey has been one of constant evolution. The dream of self-employment, nurtured since my twenties, found its true calling in real estate, where I could leverage my accumulated skills and knowledge. […]