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Fabio Impellizzeri

RE/MAX is known for its original business model and the support offered to its agents. Working with RE/MAX, I have benefited from specialized training, cutting-edge technologies and a wide professional network where I can create valuable working relationships. On a personal level, RE/MAX has given me flexibility with my time and happiness not only in […]

Roberta Buonincontri

My career with RE/MAX Europe began in 2004, starting as an office assistant, then ascending to Broker Manager by 2007, and ultimately acquiring ownership of the company in 2014. This progression is a testament to my dedication and the supportive environment at RE/MAX. One of my proudest moments was transitioning from a secretary to a […]

Emiliano Galli

The training that RE/MAX has provided me, combined with the humanity and professionalism that I put into my work, have led me to achieve milestones in both my profession and my family.

Emanuele Cadei

I had already been working as a real estate agent for 10 years when I joined RE/MAX, and then my personal and professional life changed radically.

Luca Turconi

Choosing RE/MAX was the turning point of my life. I wanted to work independently, but not alone. To manage my own business.