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5 Reasons to love the return of REUCON!

Martina Rados
Marketing Manager at RE/MAX Europe

Ready to make Romania your home?

Romania is full of natural wonders, friendly people and endless opportunities. Its affordability makes it an excellent place to live, especially for Digital Nomads and remote workers. But there are many things to consider before you take the plunge. We’ll lay out some of the key things for you to consider as you search for your new home.

The fun night

If there is one thing the RE/MAX network knows how to do (other than providing excellent customer service when buying and selling real estate) it’s throwing legendary social and networking events. From our RE/MAX offices to agent teams and regional level events, inviting team members and prospects to in person events is a time tested way of showing appreciation and attracting new members to our network. The RE/MAX European Convention Fun Night is the pinnacle of the RE/MAX events calendar in Europe. We work hard all year, now it’s time to play hard all night!

Reconnecting with your network

Being in business for yourself but not by yourself is not just a slogan to us, it’s a way of life. At the center of all successful RE/MAX Agents and Broker/Owners is a desire to connect and assist any of their 29,000+ fellow RE/MAX associates across Europe. The regional convention is the high point of the year in terms of reconnecting with old friends and networking with new contacts.

Humans needs interpersonal relationships to survive, and success in business is no different. After over two years of lockdowns and remote communication, many attendees of this years European Convention will be meeting for the first time, despite having worked together for many months. For these newcomers and all existing associates, this is going to be a very special moment.

Incredible locations

Business boosting takeaways

Of course, the RE/MAX European Convention isn’t all about exceptional networking opportunities in breath-taking event locations, it’s also an opportunity to develop new skills, motivate yourself for new adventures and hear what’s coming next in the world of real estate.


Let’s be honest, we’ve all missed international travel over the past two years. Now, with the continent beginning to open up again, we are reminded that though we can survive at a distance, we are always more successful together.

RE/MAX is in a unique global position to offer its associates a friendly face to meet and greet in most countries around the world. With a network reaching from Canada down to South Africa, working and meeting internationally is in our blood. We look forward to reviving this desire to always look beyond the horizon at REUCON22 and welcome our friends from across Europe and the world.

What to bring with you…

  • A few outfit changes: Professional, Smart Casual, Casual and Beach
  • A willingness to be surprised!
  • Laptops, phones, chargers and power banks
  • Your REUCON22 tickets, hotel bookings and travel documents

Here are some handy links you should check out:

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