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Love and listings: insights from real estate power couples

Marion Pfeffer
Marketing Manager at RE/MAX Europe

Can you combine romance and real estate? Two couples say it’s not only possible, it can also give you a competitive edge!

Balancing work and love isn’t easy, especially when you work with your partner. But there are huge advantages to starting a business together with someone you care about. We chatted with two amazing couples from RE/MAX Europe to learn how to navigate the world of business alongside your romantic partner. They shared their secrets about mixing romance and real estate success, showing us how they make both work together. Let’s dive into their stories and discover how they turn relationships into results!

A natural harmony in real estate

There are quite a few couples working together in RE/MAX Europe, and it’s easy to see why. After all, you share the same passions, values, drive for success – and no one understands better than your fellow agents and broker/owners what it really means to work in real estate. “It was RE/MAX that brought us together,” say Frederico Ribeiro and Teresa Mesquita, Broker/Owners at RE/MAX Inn, in Leiria, Portugal. “We met as consultants at the same RE/MAX office. Friendship and admiration turned into passion and love and a professional collaboration was a consequence of our mutual taste for real estate in particular through contact with people.”

But even when the world of real estate is new, there can be huge advantages to choosing to make the journey together, since you already have a partner you can rely on to support you while you’re learning so many new things together. “Looking back, we’re sure that we made the right decision that day,” say Glauco and Marcele Guimaraes, Agents at RE/MAX Consulting in Portugal. “When we decided together to embrace the challenge of starting a totally new business, in a world completely unknown to us, we knew our dedication, commitment and teamwork would be our greatest differentiator in such a competitive market. It was the best thing we ever did for ourselves and our family.”

Navigating challenges together

While working with a romantic partner has its rewards, conflicts from work can spill over into personal life and vice versa, putting a strain on both environments. “It’s not always easy, because it’s normal to have different opinions on some subjects,” say Frederico and Teresa. “But over so many years we remember that what unites us has always been stronger than any different point of view, so it just feels natural to work together.”

Creating time for both parts of your relationship – personal and professional – can make sure that the lines don’t blur. For Glauco and Marcele, “the secret has always been to respect each other’s limits,” says Glauco. To see that nothing gets neglected, they create blocks of time to balance all the tasks in their lives. “Synchronizing our schedules is essential for everything to run smoothly. This way we have time for ourselves, work and family.”

The language of success

Effective communication is the key for couples working together in any business, but especially for entrepreneurs. Sharing thoughts and ideas clearly is just as important as sharing dreams between partners, shaping not only their success but also their deep connection.

“The ability to communicate fluently is absolutely essential, especially in a line of business where information is changing every day,” says Frederico. This is critical, because how you communicate says a lot about how you run your business. “We know that we are seen by many as an example, both as a couple and as professionals,” he continues, “so our communication is based on the principle of always wanting the best for our employees and our customers.”

And as every couple knows, often the most powerful communication isn’t even spoken. In a pivotal moment during a luxury property viewing, Glauco and Marcele exchanged a swift glance and intuitively split up to help different pairs of clients. “The seller was impressed with our dynamism,” says Glauco, and that unspoken understanding secured them another €4.3 million property the seller was eager to sell. “A look can say it all,” says Glauco.

The power of partnership

Working together as a couple gives you the amazing advantage of supporting each other’s strengths and bringing out the best in both partners. Together, you’re not just colleagues; you’re a dynamic duo, a perfect blend of talents and love shaping a remarkable success story in the world of real estate.

“Over time we’ve discovered what’s best in each of us and we’ve always held meetings before each deal to discuss exactly what role each of us has to play,” says Glauco. Whether that’s Glauco doing the prospecting and Marcele taking on the closing – recognizing each other’s strengths builds trust. “What I like most about working with Marcele is having the peace of mind that when an opportunity arises, I know she never lets it get away.”

Knowing you can rely on your partner can give your business a huge confidence boost. For Frederico, he trusts Teresa’s innate ability to lead and make things happen. “When the rest of us are still thinking, she’s already acting.” And he credits Teresa’s professionalism for their success. “I’ve gotten where I have because of her help – I got lucky!” (And really, who needs Valentine’s Day chocolates with compliments like that?)

Wisdom for couples in business

Our RE/MAX Europe power couples say that keeping the passion alive – both personally and professionally – is easier than you think. For Glauco and Marcele, it’s about remembering that you’re a team. “Talk in depth about the business and define each person’s role in the business.” But above all, Glauco says you have to respect each other and your decisions. “No egos and disputes over who is the best – the two of you are both fundamental.”

Frederico and Teresa encourage other couples who want to work together to find your place together. “My advice is that they realize that RE/MAX can be an excellent means to achieve results for both of them as professionals. Because through a strong union and ability to work, a husband and wife can provide their loved ones with a better future on so many levels.”

The stories of Frederico and Teresa and Glauco and Marcele demonstrate the beauty of combining love with business. Perhaps it’s time to embrace a heart-to-heart with your own partner and see if you’re ready to share the dream of building a business together yourselves. Whether it’s crafting your own love story in the real estate world or sharing your insights on love and business, let these stories inspire your next chapter, and let love lead the way!

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