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RE/MAX Europe takes London by storm

Marion Pfeffer
Marketing Manager at RE/MAX Europe

RE/MAX Europe takes London by storm: 13th annual convention brings 1,000 real estate professionals to the capital for the first time

London, 25 September 2023 – RE/MAX Europe hosted its 13th annual convention for the first time in London last week, gathering over 1,000 RE/MAX Europe real estate professionals from across the continent at Tobacco Dock for an impressive two-day event. REUCON23 holds a special place on the franchise network’s annual calendar, bringing together representatives from across the continent to share best practices and learn the latest insights from the business.

Attendees heard from industry leaders and international speakers who shared knowledge and expertise on a range of topics – from extraordinary business success to inspirational leadership and team building to the use of AI technology in driving higher standards and commercial edge. Customer experience was a key theme running throughout.

The two days were filled with talks, workshops, and demonstrations of the latest digital tools available to RE/MAX Europe representatives, such as a pan-European collaboration platform and a digital learning management system. The large networking hub acted as a unique melting pot for European real estate connections and industry inspiration, and the event party, hosted at Magazine London – one of London’s largest riverside spaces – was a fitting close to the convention, centered on the scale and success of the RE/MAX Europe brand.

Keynote session highlights included:

• Nathan Dart, owner of US-based Dart Homes and SVP of software company Final Offer, discussed how to inspire team greatness and cultivate growth.

• Marc Priestley, former Formula 1 mechanic, author, and sports broadcaster, shared the secrets of high-performance teamwork and how to apply F1’s precision and strategy to the RE/MAX Europe business.

• Shivvy Jervis, leading futurist and broadcaster, looked at human and synthetic intelligence and explored how real estate professionals can leverage emerging technologies for future business success.

Opening the event, CEO Michael Polzler said: “It is great to be bringing REUCON23 to London for the first time. This epic event is the chance to exchange insights from across the world to benefit our European customers and to revolutionize the way that property is bought and sold across the continent.”

“A year ago, interest rates were low and properties scarce. Today, we’re in a market flush with opportunities, yet some customers hesitate. It’s a paradox. The role of a real estate agent has never been more crucial. We’re not just negotiators; we’re the bridge between buyers and eager sellers, and the potential to succeed is incredible,” he continued.

REUCON23 comes ahead of the launch of the second annual RE/MAX European Housing Trend report based on a survey of over 22,000 people across 22 countries.

Last year’s European Housing Trend Report can be found at the RE/MAX Europe website:

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