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What real estate agents can learn from the Tour de France

Lisa Pribik
Head of Marketing at RE/MAX Europe

Teamwork, tactics and triumph: what real estate agents can learn from the Tour de Frante

Gear up to lead the pack in your career by discovering the secrets of the cycling world.

The Tour de France can seem complex from an outside perspective – full of twists and turns, different color jerseys and a point awarding system that could make anyone want to hit the brakes. But while real estate might seem like a world away from professional cycling, there are many things that agents can learn from the strategies, teamwork and mindset it takes to be a Tour de France winner. So grab your helmet, hop on your bike and let’s ride through some lessons on how to stay ahead of the competition!

Stay on track to achieve your goals

It should come as no surprise that the Tour de France is a long and grueling race, but with its 3,404 kilometers over 21 days, the laser focus and unwavering determination the cyclists need is hard to imagine! Just like Tour de France cyclists, real estate professionals need to stay on track to achieve their goals. The industry can be incredibly competitive, with agents juggling multiple tasks and clients simultaneously. That’s why RE/MAX gives you the tools to stay organized and prioritize to avoid becoming overwhelmed. The key is to create goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART). Work with your RE/MAX broker or mentor to break your objectives down into smaller, actionable tasks. Then assign deadlines to each task and regularly review your progress to keep your focus.

Champion’s Advice: Don’t forget the fun! Set milestone targets along the way to keep yourself motivated and celebrate small victories as you progress towards your larger goals.

Take care of your business for the road ahead

Tour de France cyclists have incredible stamina to keep their pace over the many long days, and while crowds line up to applaud crucial moments of success, the hours of steady hard work often go unappreciated. While you’re working to achieve your goals in real estate, there will be many hours of consistent hard work. But setting a realistic schedule and managing your time efficiently will help you sustain your business for the long haul. Use a calendar tool, such as Google Calendar, to block out time for prospecting, client meetings, administrative tasks and personal development. Stick to your schedule as much as possible, but also allow flexibility to make room for unexpected events or client needs.

Champion’s Advice: Take time for personal care! Maintaining a healthy work-life balance ensures that you have the energy and mental well-being necessary to navigate the challenges of the market and thrive in the industry.

Don’t leave anything to chance

Preparation is key for riders in the Tour de France – they would have no chance of even completing if they didn’t know the course or have tactics prepared in advance. They must anticipate any possible hazards and opportunities to attack while navigating through wet weather and slick roads. As a real estate agent, developing a strategic plan is your key to success, and this could come down to the tiniest of details. A good RE/MAX agent will pay attention to every aspect of a property and the market, including contracts, property conditions, and market trends. Being thorough doesn’t just help you avoid potential issues, being able to provide your clients with accurate information and guidance means happier customers, leading to more referrals and return business up ahead.

Champion’s Advice: Develop a checklist or standardized process to ensure you cover all the essential details in a property transaction, leaving no room for surprises.

The importance of adaptability

Conditions on the course are constantly changing. One moment, a cyclist might be in the main group, called the peloton, with their teammates, the next climbing a mountain on their own in the pouring rain. This is what makes adaptability such a valuable tool in the toolkit of both a competitor and a real estate agent. Market conditions change just as fast as the needs of the clients and the ability to read these conditions to plan your next move is one of the greatest skills a real estate agent can have. Keeping up with industry trends, attending training and educational programs and regularly working to improve your strategies will help you become more adaptable and better able to serve your clients.

Champion’s Advice: The best way to see the future holds for real estate is to create it! Join other industry leaders at REUCON – Europe’s top real estate convention – to get early access to the ideas and techniques that will change the way you do business.

Stand out from the crowd

Not every cyclist is vying for the yellow jersey awarded to the overall winner of the Tour de France. There are several different jerseys to compete for, and wearing any one of them is considered a great success. Achieving personal victories in real estate means being able to play to your own special skillset – after all, there’s room for everyone at RE/MAX! The key is finding what you can offer your team and your clients that makes you outshine the rest. Focus on a particular market segment or property type to showcase your expertise and become a go-to resource in that area. For example, you might specialize in luxury waterfront properties or first-time homebuyers in a specific neighborhood. By sharpening your knowledge and skills in a particular niche, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted expert, attract a following and set yourself apart from competitors.

Champion’s Advice: Embrace innovation in your marketing strategies to grab attention with a unique message. Harness the latest technology for virtual tours, interactive listings or personalized marketing campaigns to create memorable experiences and leave a lasting impression.

Real estate is a team sport!

The Tour de France is both a team sport and an individual achievement – even though just one rider stands on the podium, all of their teammates share in the victory. After all, they were the ones protecting the team leader from the elements, helping them chase down attacks or even just simply boosting their morale. Just like cyclists rely on their teammates, you should look to your RE/MAX network for guidance and support. Building relationships with other top agents and brokers is easy in the RE/MAX community, since our family spirit is focused on sharing valuable insights, mentorship and building a sense of camaraderie. So tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience in your RE/MAX family! By regularly participating in collaborative activities, sharing insights, and supporting fellow agents, you can build a strong network that not only enhances your skills but also opens doors to potential partnerships and referrals.

Champion’s Advice: Take the initiative to reach out to a fellow agent every day – whether that’s to collaborate on marketing efforts, exchange referrals or brainstorm ideas. By supporting each other’s growth and sharing the journey together, you not only strengthen your own business, but also create friendships that can last a lifetime!

Enjoy watching the race with a new perspective!

Tour de France and the real estate industry share a surprising number of similarities when it comes to the skills and mindset required for success. From the power of teamwork to the importance of adapting to changing conditions, by taking inspiration from these elite athletes, you can stay ahead of the competition and continue to reach new heights in your career. If you’re ready to see your career reach new heights, get in touch with your RE/MAX broker/owner today, and we’ll show you how to cross the finish line!

Please Note: While RE/MAX Europe has compiled the information on this page diligently and to the best of its knowledge, RE/MAX Europe does not assume any liability for the accuracy of the information or for any damages resulting from the use of the information.

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