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Your guide to buying property in England

Lisa Pribik
Head of Marketing at RE/MAX Europe

A country packed with historical landmarks, fantastic music, and home to some of the most multicultural cities in the world – England is the go-to destination for any culture lover!

What makes England special?

No matter where you step in England, you’re bound to find yourself walking through history. England has been at the forefront of culture and art for centuries and some of the world’s greatest writers and musicians were born in England! Other than that, anyone moving to England can expect the safety and peace of mind of the low crime rate, top-tier healthcare at virtually no cost – and lots of vacation time to enjoy your new home! England also benefits from being near major cities in other countries, so you can travel quickly to cities like Paris or Amsterdam with low costs.

There’s more to England than London!

The country is full of unique and historic cities packed with personality. With so many great options to choose from, it all just depends on what you want for your life in England – and your local RE/MAX agent will be key here in helping you figure out which area is best. Here’s a quick preview of the options you can look forward to:

For career opportunities: Northern cities like Birmingham and Manchester have easily established themselves as alternatives to London, offering the professional advantages of a major city – without the expense. Birmingham is home to many well-known international companies, but also plenty of Michelin Star restaurants. Manchester is famous for its nightlife and sports, but you can also take advantage of a highly accessible tram network that gives easy access to downtown for folks living in the suburbs.

For colorful waterside living: With buzzing nightlife and charming markets and shops, Bristol along the River Avon and Brighton along the southern coast are great choices if you’re looking for an active city with plenty to do. A lively university city, Bristol is welcoming and multicultural, and one of the most eco-friendly cities in England. Brighton is a gorgeous seaside town, where you can stroll to the pier or wander through The Lanes, the city’s eccentric labyrinth of shopping streets.

For fairytale England: Living in the Cotswolds can oftentimes feel like a dream – where you can enjoy the best of a rural lifestyle without sacrificing the convenience of city life! Set in the West Country, you’ll be enchanted by the beautiful fairytale-like homes and cottages, the rolling countryside – and it’s all just 90 minutes from London.

For families: With more families moving to the countryside to be closer to nature, it’s no wonder The Lake District is becoming a top destination. With a comparatively cheaper cost of living than other regions, the Lake District is a paradise of natural beauty. Famous for wonderful hiking trails, mountains and of course lakes, there’s an endless amount of outdoor fun to be had here!

Get the right expert by your side

To get a mortgage in England, expats must satisfy two requirements: First, you’ll need a solicitor to carry out all legal matters with the sale. Next, for your mortgage to be approved by your provider, you’ll need to arrange a valuation survey on the property. If a survey declares the property is worth less than the agreed price, your mortgage provider may require that you renegotiate the offer. Fortunately, your RE/MAX agent has expert market data on the neighborhood, along with the sales history of other homes in the area – so they will know the real cost of your dream home to prevent any delays in the buying process.

Ready to make an offer?

Buying a home in England usually takes around two to three months. Once you have your finances arranged and have found your dream home, you can make your offer. Though it is possible to submit an offer in person, it is recommended to have your agent make a written offer on your behalf so no details are overlooked. If your offer has been accepted it still won’t be binding until a contract has been exchanged, and your agent will work with the seller to get the contract for the transfer of ownership.

Once the offer is finalized and has been accepted, you’ll then need to pay the deposit. You’ll receive the contract and your agent will go over it one final time with you before signing. After contracts are signed, your sale will be registered with the Land Registry, and you’ll receive the keys to your new home!

Enjoy your new life in England!

All that’s left to do after the paperwork is to move in – then go out for a nice stroll down historic cobblestone streets, have a delicious cup of tea or even enjoy some fish and chips. So contact your RE/MAX agent today to get started!

Please Note: While RE/MAX Europe has compiled the information on this page diligently and to the best of its knowledge, RE/MAX Europe does not assume any liability for the accuracy of the information or for any damages resulting from the use of the information.

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