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Your guide to buying property in Slovakia

Yelyzaveta Bataieva
Digital Media Manager at RE/MAX Europe

A fairytale country with a growing economy, a diverse population and amazing mountain regions… What’s NOT to love about Slovakia?

The magic of Slovakia

Slovakia has something for everyone. Each city has plenty of shopping, restaurants and bars for the indoor types. As for the outdoor lovers, Slovakia’s mountainous landscape creates countless skiing and hiking opportunities. The country also has a very affordable cost of living compared to its neighbors, despite offering just as many amenities! Being located in the heart of Europe has its perks too – from Slovakia you can travel to countries like Germany, Hungary, Austria and many others! (Vienna is only a 45 minute drive from Bratislava, which is the smallest distance between two capitals anywhere in Europe!) Convinced yet? Read on to find out how to buy property in Slovakia, and then get connected with a RE/MAX agent to begin the process!

Find your dream destination

Slovakia offers a wide list of options to choose from. A local agent is best equipped to help narrow your decision, but here’s a quick preview of the top regions to consider:

The obvious first choice has to be the Bratislava Region, which is both the capital and the cultural hub of the country. Bratislava is home to one of the fastest-growing economies in all of Europe, and anyone moving here can expect great work opportunities, and even better nightlife. Families can enjoy the Senec Aquapark, which is just a short 14 km drive from Bratislava!

Eastern Slovakia is a great choice for those looking for beauty both in nature and in architecture. Here you’ll find the second-largest city in the county, Košice. The city has a diverse population and breathtaking architecture. Košice was declared the cultural capital of Europe in 2013, and anyone that takes a walk down the magnificent Hrnčiarska Street can see why! Outside of Košice is Spiš, which offers hiking routes along gorgeous mountains and waterfalls.

History buffs may find themselves falling in love with the Trenčín region’s old world style. Along with the historic Trenčín and Bojnice castles, the city of Trenčín also includes Baroque-style buildings and churches, as well as an annual music festival that livens up the city each year.

Let’s get started

With the right agent at your side, the home-buying process in Slovakia can typically take 1-2 months. Once you have a property in mind and both parties agree to an offer, a solicitor will then draw up a contract. After both parties sign the contract, the buyer will then ask the seller for a “Kataster paper”. This paper will list the house’s owner, financing and other details worth mentioning. And lastly, the deed to the house is transferred about four weeks after the balance on the property is paid.

Guidance through all legal and financial details

Just like any other country, there is going to be tedious paperwork and small fees along the way. However, with a local agent to guide the process and keep things moving smoothly, you can prevent these from becoming stressful obstacles to obtaining your dream home. Foreigners can legally acquire mortgages for Slovakian properties, as long as they have a residence permit card. However, any potential home buyers in Slovakia are strongly encouraged to schedule an independent survey on the home they plan on buying, to make sure they’re aware of any problems the property might have. Buyers shouldn’t stress over any of this; however, as your experienced RE/MAX agent will manage all the fine points throughout the process so you can put your mind at ease.

Time to begin your slovakian dream life!

After these simple steps, all that’s left to do is move in and enjoy the experience! If this sounds like the right move for you, get in touch with a RE/MAX agent today, and soon enough you’ll be enjoying the fairytale-like wonders of Slovakia yourself!

Please Note: While RE/MAX Europe has compiled the information on this page diligently and to the best of its knowledge, RE/MAX Europe does not assume any liability for the accuracy of the information or for any damages resulting from the use of the information.

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